Social Media 101

This is really, really basic social media stuff, which many people aren’t doing.

How To Spot A Twitter Spammer And Make Sure You Don’t Get Mistaken As One

A few weeks ago I noticed an interesting phenomenon with my Twitter notifications. Each time I posted an article on Forbes, it would instantly be retweeted by a lot of people, and by a lot I mean at least 50, sometimes more than 100. Great, right? I wish.

How You’re Missing Out On Easy PR Opportunities

I’ve never been contacted by some of the people who could get an easy story out of me. What PR opportunities are you missing out on?

What I Learned From My First 2 Minutes On Snapchat

I spent a brief moment with the app, and learned a few things. If you’ve been holding back, let me make it easy for you.

How I Give Feedback To My Web Design Team

My website is going through a redesign process. Here’s how I communicate with my dev team.

Changes Coming to

I’m excited about some of the changes coming in the near future to this website, I hope you enjoy them too. Sign up for my weekly email to stay in the loop.

How Amazon Could Sell Me A LOT More Books

A virtually cost-free, easily testable way Amazon can sell me, and potentially a lot of other people, a LOT more books.

4 Reasons You Should Openly Share Your Startup Ideas

Got an idea for the next hot startup? Maybe you should ditch that NDA and try sharing it. Openly. Publicly.

Growth Hacker Marketing Contests

How might a marketplace to bring clients and growth hacker marketers together work?

How Apple Could Sell Me A LOT More Movies

Could this simple idea add tens of millions to Apple’s bottom line?