What I Got From The Twitter Chat #custserv

If you’ve never been part of a Twitter chat and are wondering whether it can be worth it, here’s what I got out of one on customer service.

Should Women Lean In Or Should We All Lean Back?

Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In seems to tell us we can work ourselves to death and it won’t harm our children. But why bother? Why do I need an excuse to be away from my kids anyway?

5 Writing Tips For The Beginning Thought Leader

I recently received an email from an aspiring thought leader asking me to critique a post of his on the LinkedIn Pulse network. Here’s the feedback I sent him.

Books Don’t Change Lives

What book have you read that has changed your life? The fact of the matter is, no book has ever changed your life. Books don’t change lives, quotes do.

Why Hong Kong? Expanding Your Business To Asia.

Why did I open my first international office in Hong Kong? Here is the slide deck I used at a presentation last night to answer that question.

Do You Really Love Working Or Are You Fooling Yourself?

Last night, Google’s Larry Page said “Companies have pretty bad reputations in the world. It’s not like most people get up and say, ‘Oh, I wish I could go work for a company.’ They do it because they have to.” But do we?

How To Create A Rockstar Twitter Profile In 5 Minutes

Two years ago I had about 500 followers. Today I have over 6,000 and the number is growing by hundreds each month. What’s my secret? It starts with having a complete profile.

How Do You Define Hustle?

This is my definition of hustle, but what is yours?

How To Interview People For A Book Or Article

This is how I’m conducting interviews for the upcoming book CMOs at Work, and the lessons I’ve learned about conducting effective conversations.

19 People To Meet At ClickZ Live 2015 In Singapore

Among the many worthy attendees at this upcoming event, here are 19 of the top people to meet at ClickZ Live 2015 in Singapore.