I Posted Something On BuzzFeed. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next.

I created a post in BuzzFeed’s community section. When you see what happened your jaw will drop!

What I Learned From 105 HARO Responses

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a wonderful, amazing service. But some people are using it the wrong way.

Don’t Get A Job, Create One

If I were jobless today, straight out of college, with no experience or technical skills, what would I do to get a job? I wouldn’t get a job at all. I’d create one. Here’s how.

How I Got My First Book Deal

I just got a contract with an established publisher to write my first book. Yes, I will receive a cash advance. Yes, I will receive royalties. I can’t share too many other details about the book yet because I need to verify with the publisher how much I can talk about it at this point […]

Why Americans Are Fat, And The Simple Yet Difficult Solution

Bad news for fat people. A new study shows that less than 1% of fat people will ever get thin. But I’m beating the odds. Here’s how.

Moz Beginner’s Guide To SEO vs HireVue Ultimate Sales Training Guide: Who Did It Better?

I was recently asked what I thought of HireVue’s new Ultimate Guide to Sales Training Programs and Methodologies. This is my answer.

How To Film An Indoor Presentation With A GoPro Camera

Many of the speaking engagements I have aren’t filmed by the coordinator or event management company. I always post my slides to SlideShare as a way to get more marketing value out of my presentations, but felt like it was a shame to not have video of my presentations to post as well. Once you […]

The Beginner Entrepreneur’s Super Simple Guide To Setting Up A Website And Marketing It

I love startups, but they’re not very good clients for my agency. So here’s what I tell them when they ask for web marketing advice.

How Reading Made Me A Better Writer

In answer to a reader’s request for advice on how to become a better writer, at first I was going to tell him “Write. A lot.” But then I realized it wasn’t writing that helped me become a writer.

How Long Will You Be In Hong Kong?

The plan was always to be here for three to five years, and that is still the plan. Why that plan? Here’s why.