The Influencer Book

“Influencer, Inc” will be the title of my next book. Why this book, and why now? Read this post to find out.

100 Leadership and Success Books to Read in a Lifetime

How many have you read, and which are your favorites?

Full List of 2015 Fortune 500 CMOs

Below is a comprehensive list of chief marketing officers from the Fortune 500 for 2015.

Start Seeing Opportunities Everywhere

You know how once you start looking to buy a certain type of car you suddenly see that a lot of people just bought that same car? This is an illusion.

Why I Don’t Move To China

I would move to China in a heartbeat, except for this one thing.

Twitter Hashtag and Handle Training

In this post I dissect several tweets to show how with small modifications they can be improved to increase engagement.

5 Ways To Improve Online Customer Support

This is not me whining about getting bad customer support. As customer support goes, this experience wasn’t that bad. But there are improvements to be made here, which could be instructive for other companies as well.

If I Told You I Could Teach You How To Do What I’ve Done, What Would You Say?

Over the past 3 years I’ve gotten into almost every major business publication, got a book deal, and have been paid to speak around the world. What if I could teach you how do all this too?

What’s The Greatest Challenge You Face At Work?

I recently asked readers of this blog to tell me about the greatest challenge they face in their occupation. Here are a sampling of responses. Then I’ll tell you why I asked this question.

10-Step Jerk Recovery Program

This past week I pulled a jerk move. It was so bad, so embarrassing, I wasn’t sure how I could recover.