The New Entrepreneur’s Super Simple Guide To Setting Up A Website And Marketing It

I love startups, but they’re not very good clients for my agency. So here’s what I tell them when they ask for web marketing advice.

How Reading Made Me A Better Writer

In answer to a reader’s request for advice on how to become a better writer, at first I was going to tell him “Write. A lot.” But then I realized it wasn’t writing that helped me become a writer.

How Long Will You Be In Hong Kong?

The plan was always to be here for three to five years, and that is still the plan. Why that plan? Here’s why.

How To Guarantee Yourself More Writing Ideas

Need to write articles or blog posts, but find yourself struggling to come up with good ideas? Here’s a single tip I guarantee will make a huge difference, or your money back.

Applying The Paul Rand Logo Test To Rand Paul’s 2016 Campaign Logo

What happens when we apply designer Paul Rand’s logo test to the logo for Rand Paul’s 2016 Presidential campaign?

In Which Asian Countries Is It Easiest For Travelers To Get Mobile Data?

I’m still relatively new to Asia, but I’ve been to enough countries to “enjoy” a wide range of experiences when it comes to getting mobile data as a traveler.

iStock: Can A Business Run Like This And Survive?

My recent experience with iStock, the stock photography website, shows how companies lose money when their upgrade process isn’t online and self serve.

Why I Moved To Hong Kong

We didn’t move to Hong Kong because of a job. We moved here to adopt a child from China.

Don Loper Is Retiring

No, I’m not shutting down the blog, but I am retiring the use of “Don Loper” as its name. I’ve already transferred all my Twitter followers and history over to a new account @joshsteimle (it’s pretty easy, see here), and a similar change will be happening everywhere else I’ve used the Don Loper name, including with […]

You Can’t Be An Expert At Everything

“When you split an S-corp equally between two owners, does each one bear half the responsibility for the taxes on profits?” my wife asked me this evening. “I think so, but I’m not sure.” “You don’t know?” “Nope. But Mark knows.” Mark is our CPA. “Shouldn’t you know this?” “Probably. Along with a thousand other […]