campaignasia-onlinemarketingLooking for another easy way to come up with content? Respond to news that’s related to your industry and business.

Case in point, I have a Google Alert set up to tell me whenever something new is indexed for the keywords “hong kong online marketing.” This morning I received the following alert:

Hong Kong marketers to boost spending for online, new free-TV options: HK2A and Nielsen
Campaign Asia-Pacific (blog)
HONG KONG – Forty-two per cent of advertisers indicated they will increase advertising spending in 2014, with internet advertising accounting for …

That’s definitely news that’s interesting to me, since I’m in Hong Kong running an online marketing firm. If marketers are planning on spending more money here, then that’s good news for me, and I want to share it to spur other marketers to jump on the bandwagon. And it’s one more opportunity for me to post about something related to online marketing in Hong Kong.

I could merely summarize what the article is about, but that would just be copying. If I’m just copying, nobody will care about my content, because it’s nothing new. Nobody will share my content, they’ll just go to the source article and share it.

If I want people to share my content that is based on someone else’s content, then I need to add something new. That means responding to the news with some sort of insight. In this case, I found an interesting statistic in the article showing how much survey respondents were planning on spending on different areas of online marketing. I think the way in which marketers are allocating their dollars is exactly backwards, so the blog post I wrote focuses on that.

Now I’ve successfully created a piece of content that is unique, promotes the company as being knowledgeable about the topic at hand, and is hopefully worth sharing to some degree or another. Certainly more so than had I merely copied bits and pieces of the article. And of course once I was done with that blog post for MWI’s Hong Kong website, I was able to create this blog post you’re reading and get a twofer out of it. The best part is it only took me a few minutes to write both of these posts.