When I was working on figuring this out I was surprised how hard it was to find the information I share below, and then surprised again at how easy it was to implement what I wanted to do. Part of the problem was I didn’t know what to search for other than “how to get your photo to show up next to google search results.” But that didn’t yield what I wanted at the time. Turns out what I should have been searching for was “author information in search results” but hey, live and learn.

Here’s the scenario: You’re browsing the Internet, doing searches on Google, and you notice that some search results in Google show a photo next to them, like this:


You think, “Well, gee. I wish I could get my photo to show up like that next to the content I’m putting out there. How did he do that?”

It’s a piece of cake. You just need to answer one question–do you have an email address on the same domain as the website where you’re publishing your content? For example, I have an email address for donloper.com, the domain of this blog. But I don’t have an email address for forbes.com, where the above article was published.

If you do have an email address for the domain you’re putting content on, click here. You’ll go to the page and merely confirm that you’re an author for content on that domain and follow some other quite simple steps Google lays out clearly for you.

If you don’t have an email address on the domain where you’re placing content, like me with Forbes, then go here and check out Option #2. The steps there are quite easy to follow as well. Either way, you’re now set to go and start having your image show up in Google search results which will get you more traffic, more fame and glory, more sleep, more ice cream and candy, or whatever it is you dream of having more of.