Many of the experts say that posting more frequently on your blog will increase traffic to it. Neil Patel says his blog “only started to see big traffic increases when I started to publish 5 pieces of content a week.” One month ago I decided to experiment and see for myself whether or not more frequent blogging would truly increase traffic to this blog. How is the experiment going one month in? The results are clear–yes, more frequent posting is making a real difference. Here are the stats.


  • Session increase: 69.71%
  • User increase: 50.82%
  • Page view increase: 57.72%

As you can see from the graph, traffic was pretty flat for the 30 days prior to my starting the experiment, with one exception at the end of April. When I started posting three times per week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 7:00 am MST, you can see the subsequent spikes that occurred. Although I didn’t see quite the increase I was hoping for (I would have liked to have seen 1000% increases across the board), a 70% increase in sessions isn’t bad. It’s just that when the site was only getting 30 to 50 sessions per day to start with, that’s not a huge increase in absolute terms. Regardless, there’s no denying this is positive.

I was unintentionally able to minimize the changes in variables. That is, I don’t think my writing has improved in these posts vs. prior posts, nor has any other major factor changed on the site, so I feel fairly confident attributing the increase in traffic to nothing else but posting more frequently.

Now what? There are still some problems here. First is that engagement doesn’t seem to be increasing. Most of my posts end up with zero comments, just like before. I haven’t had many people sign up to receive posts via email. And search engine traffic doesn’t seem to be increasing, although since I started the experiment we did find a major issue with a redirect plugin that has since been corrected and may help with SEO in future months. The question is what one thing could I change to make this blog more successful with a minimum of effort?  And what does “success” even mean in this context? I’ll be exploring what it means to answer those questions in future posts.

Have you ever tried this experiment to see if posting more frequently on your blog resulted in more traffic? What were your results?