Boy, I’ve really let DonLoper slide. Well, enough pity party, the big news is I’m moving to Hong Kong in June, 2013. How does that affect PhD plans? Not at all. I’m a few years away regardless, and I figure this can only help. I’ll be broadening my international experience, learning a language or two, developing a larger network, and hopefully making more money. I don’t see how any of that can count against me.

The primary reason we’re going has to do with adopting a daughter there, but I’m also hoping it’s a good opportunity for MWI, as I’ll be opening a branch office there targeting Asian companies trying to do online marketing to the US. I’m still looking for a partner for the US operations of MWI, but now I can add to the to-do list a search for a partner in Hong Kong who will be able to keep that office up and running once I move on (the expected stay is 2-4 years).

I’ll probably keep publishing stuff here on DonLoper when the urge grips me, but if you care to get more details about my experience in Hong Kong you can follow me at This will not be a family-focused blog, it’s more focused on my business-related experiences moving to, living in, and doing business in Hong Kong.

For the record, Full Occupancy has brought on a sales guy and that’s going well so far, and then there’s QuoteFarm. Insurance quotes? Quotes on projects for your farm? Another site with quotes from famous people? I’m leaving you in the dark until it launches. There is a definite first-mover advantage in what we’re going to do, and although I have been known to be overly optimistic in the past, I think this is going to be a big deal. I just can’t figure out why nobody else has done it yet…something weird there, but I’ve done my due diligence and I can’t find any real competitors to speak of, no legal issues or other regulatory barriers, and yet it seems like such a no-brainer, I just can’t figure out how we could be this far along in Internet history and nobody has even tried to do this yet.